Juan Del Reyes Official DJ, Producer, Writer and Composer.

“Sobriety” Project

Lady Ava

She is known to the Eurovision fan club and all Eurovision fans for her Eurovision entries with Russia, Cyprus, Moldova, Swiss and Belgium since 2012, though her career in the music industry started in 2010.

Lady Ava the British Greek Cypriot singer, who is also a composer, lyricist and entrepreneur, which we last saw in 2016 for the Eurovision song contest for Switzerland, is back on tracks after a year of stepping back from the media.

This step back was a time for Ava to enter the entrepreneur’s world in the hotel businesses.

A year after her recording label goldenrecords.mpil announce Lady Ava come back in the music industry with her upcoming album for 2018 “sobriety”.

This time Lady Ava is writing history with a global collaboration, with many known producers, composers and dj’s, around the world signing her upcoming album “sobriety”.

From Netherland Juan Del Reyes, broadcaster, dj, composer, known in the Netherlands and Italy since the 90s is signing more than 3 songs in this album.

From Cyprus Martech, known for his trance music and his 2015 entry for Cyprus and Moldova for the Eurovision song contest with Lady Ava is also a part of this album.

From Cyprus Dj Gosh Fire, from “Make hit music studios”, is signing one song, dj Gosh is known for his 2013 entry for Russia for the Eurovision song contest with Lady Ava.

From Cyprus Marios Liasides, known from his title of mr manhunt and international 97, also known from the 90s having produced many live shows with known names as sting, whitesnake and many Greek artists, a composer and Lyricist, also known from his 2015 entry for Cyprus and the Eurovision song contest, is also a part of this album.

It is Highly seal of how many producers are involved in this major global collaboration, and from how many countries around the world, but it’s been announced that all participant names will be announced in May 2018 as the album is to be released in June 2018.

It is probably the very first time in the history of the music industry, that one singer gets songs from so many composers around the world in to one album.

Martech (Marios Charalambus Nicou)

Biography From the early age of 7, Martech had an inclination towards music. He was influenced by dance music and pop.

At first he listened to all kinds of music; he started off with pop and used to dance and sing. Finally, after a lot of experimenting, dance music was the music style that won him over.
He enrolled in a conservatory of music and began taking music theory lessons as well as piano lessons. At 15 he started working as a DJ in various clubs. This prompted him to get more profoundly involved in music. Every now and then he would play in different well known clubs in Cyprus such as Basement, Cheers, Crazy Parrots, The New Inn and in the old Galatex area, situated in Limassol,that used to be filled with clubs up until 2004.

Also, from the age of 12, he started getting involved in musical composition. He wrote various pieces of music and was assisted by several experienced artists in the business at the time such as Cosmic Gate, who he met in person during an event at Tunnel Club in Limassol. He provided him with advice on a number of issues and gave him some useful information such as, for example, which sequences to start with. Then he met George Mdb who helped him almost entirely as regards production. From 2003 to 2007, he was employed at Capital TV as a video editor and sound engineer where he learned everything about television and was very grateful to all the staff there that helped him adapt to the new environment. At the same time, Martech was studying computer science. He then realized that out of the three fields he was involved in – music, computers and film making – music was his true passion.

In 2008, he decided to move to London to study at Kingston University where he specialized in Music Technology Composition. He was more than satisfied with his professors that taught him everything he knows. In 2011, he returned to Cyprus where he established his own professional and equipped studio and created his own brand name, NGS (New Generation Sound).In 2011 his Single Martech feat Marcie Joy – As the wind blows, it was at the top 36 on a raw for the 100 top trance releases on Beatport. In 2015 Martech has collaboration with Lady Ava with a single Martech feat Lady Ava – Chanpions of life for the Moldova Eurovision song contest. He is working with everyone for further achievements, Martech also plays the keyboard, does composition mixing and mastering as well as film making.
He hopes for the best as regards electronic music as well as all other kinds of music and wishes to, some day, be able to work with the top DJs in electronic music.